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The Birth Of The PIER88 Empire

Answering Egypt's call for exquisite nightlife venues that accommodate high-end lifestyles by providing phenomenal experiences.A blend of authentic cuisine, exquisite designs, and the ultimate nightlife spots were created to form one exceptional experience—under the direction of the maestro of lifestyle and hospitality, Giovanni Bolandrini.PIER88 was first introduced in 2008 by the mesmerizing views of the Red Sea, located at one of the country's most admired cities—El Gouna. Till this day, Pier88 El Gouna is widely considered as a home to the elite, the bohemian chic, the business mavericks, and the world's most significant industry moguls.2010 was the year when Club88 presented to El Gouna, a parallel vision that focuses on providing the best nightlife experience in town.A spark of innovation inspired Giovanni to establish a new initiative, launching his exclusive fine dining and nightlife experience in the capital. PIER88 Nile River came to life in 2016, in the heart of Cairo by the breezy stream. It rapidly gained a large amount of recognition and popularity, which influenced Mr. Bolandrini to further expand his endeavours across the city.In 2018, yet another experience was developed, located this time by one of the seven wonders of the ancient world the—Great Pyramids of Giza. Giovanni's conintuous innovation and perfectionism were the main inspiration behind PIER88 Pyramid Hills.On the same year, Giovanni took the PIER88 experience to one of the most magical spots by the Mediterranean—Almaza Bay. With zen vibes and superb cuisine, the PIER88 name left a remarkable imprint at the North Coast.On his quest to bring the best and most authentic Italian dining experience in the city, he launched Italiano's. An original pizzeria that accurately portrays his genuine Italian roots.Giovanni Bolandrini never ceases to initiate growth in the Egyptian market, where the PIER88 Group continues to soar. At both coastal and city spots, the legacy will forever live on to ensure exclusive experiences that cater to all tastes, with many more successful projects to launch soon.

Giovanni Bolandrini;
The Legend Behind The Legecy of PIER88

Born and raised in his native land, Italy, Giovanni Bolandrini went on a quest to find his passion. In his early 20s, he found himself in London on a journey to pursue his dreams.Known to be a man of multiple talents, he made a significant name for himself by styling a number of renowned world-class celebrities. With an unplanned twist of fate, he found himself in El Gouna, where the PIER 88 story began
“I saw what I thought this place needed. I had a vision of creating a restaurant that complies with the trendy standards of both timeless beauty and high-end fashion. Because I love everything related to class and beauty, whether in terms of people, food, fashion, or décor.”
Never ceasing an opportunity to fuse his love of elegance and taste into a unique contemporary experience featuring modern cuisine and sharp design, Giovanni has no plans of stopping now. PIER88’s growing legacy has placed it on the culinary roadmap; with projects spreading across the nation and many more in the works on a global scale.