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Pier’s Birth Story


The beginning of a legacy… Answering Gouna’s call for a nightlife hot spot where style matches the taste, Pier 88
Gouna opened on the coast of the Red Sea in 2008. Quickly gaining an iconic status, it has played home to the
bohemian chic, the fashionable elite, and radical business mavericks, never loosing its allure for exquisite design and
palate in Egypt’s hottest holiday destination. In May 2016, Pier 88 Nile opened on the banks of Cairo’s most iconic
river in the renowned Imperial Boat. Under the direction of Giovanni Bolandrini, Pier 88 Nile has put Cairo on the
culinary roadmap next to its Western counterparts. Distinctly cosmopolitan, Pier 88 Nile fashions itself around the
ever evolving notion of style and taste in the urban landscape. In July 2017, Pier 88 Almaza bay opened on the
shores of the Mediterranean in Almaza Bay, North Coast Egypt. Indulge in Italian, Mediterranean and modern
cuisine, while enjoying champagne cocktails by the sea, impeccable upscale beach service during the day and
Gastronomy experiences during the night.


The Man Behind the Pier

Despite the iconic-status of the Pier 88 name, Giovanni Bolandrini has no plans of taking a break: “The people who come into my restaurants are the kings. Not me.”

This same mentality was the driving force behind his move from his native Italy to London in his early twenties to pursue fashion styling. Not one to ever sit still, Giovanni quickly made a name for himself by styling various world-class celebrities. A unique twist of fate brought him to Gouna in 2000, where he eventually opened up Pier 88 Gouna.

“I saw what I thought this place needed. I wanted to create a restaurant with the beauty of fashion. Because I love everything related to class and beauty. In people, food, fashion, and décor.”

Giovanni has fused his love of elegance and taste into a unique contemporary experience featuring modern cuisine and sharp design. True to his nature, he has no plans of stopping now, with new projects in the works in both Pyramids Hills and Cyprus.

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