The Awakening of Pier 88


The birth of an empire, structured by legacy; answering Egypt’s call for a lifestyle hotspot.


Never losing allure for exquisite design, cuisine and under the direction of Giovanni Bolandrini, Pier 88 first appeared in 2008 on the coast of the Red Sea’s El Gouna; playing home to the bohemian chic, the fashionable elite and the radical business mavericks.


An endless evolution of style and taste integrated with urban landscape sparked Giovanni’s initiative to bring Pier 88’s exclusive experience to Cairo; opening Pier 88 Nile River in 2016 right by Egypt’s renowned Nile River. Initiating growth in Egypt’s market, the Pier88 has soared with an additional three coastal and city venues, ensuring an experience fit for all. 

Giovanni Bolandrini;
The Man Behind Pier 88


Establishing the iconic-status of Pier88 name, Giovanni Bolandrini’s moved from his native Italy to London in his early twenties; on a journey to pursuit his dreams. Not one to ever sit still, Giovanni quickly made a name for himself by styling various world-class celebrities. A unique twist of fate brought him to Gouna, where he first introduced Pier 88.  


“I saw what I thought this place needed. I wanted to create a restaurant with the beauty of fashion. Because I love everything related to class and beauty. In people, food, fashion, and décor.”


Never ceasing an opportunity to fuse his love of elegance and taste into a unique contemporary experience featuring modern cuisine and sharp design, Giovanni has no plans of stopping now. Pier88’s growing legacy has placed it on the culinary roadmap; with projects spreading across the nation and many more in the works on a global scale.

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