Our Weekend Pick: Pier 88, Zamalek


Our Weekend Pick: Pier 88, Zamalek

For a truly lavish experience this weekend, head on over to Pier 88. The restaurant is known for its popular branch on the Marina in Gouna, and we are ecstatic to have it on our waterfront right here in Cairo at the Imperial boat in Zamalek. With only a mere few weeks since its opening, we were sure that this restaurant & bar would be a big hit in the Cairo nightlife and fine dining scene. 

Upon entering this restaurant, we realized that it was absolutely different to its predecessor with chrome designs, brass accents, mirrors and a long bar with crystal oblong lighting overhead. The overall feel of the restaurant was modern and cool which is exactly what the Cairene scene required. Unlike its Gouna counterpart, that is actually nestled within the water and has completely white washed decor, Pier 88 in Zamalek has the perfect atmosphere for the hustle and bustle of Cairo. What they do have in common though, is both being near a body of water.

Much like its other branch, the food at Pier 88 is enough to satisfy any gourmand. We personally enjoyed their succulent scallops, but were blown away by their Beef Filet steak. The cut of the meat was absolutely divine and it was coupled by a good helping of grilled greens that really brought out the meat’s flavor. If you want a good grade A steak, this is where to get it from. And with a panoramic view of the Nile, you have a truly one of a kind dining experience within the heart of Cairo.

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